our leadership

Senior Pastor

RAJAN NEUPANE, Senior Pastor The Chairman of the Board of Elders is at the same time the Senior Pastor of the church. As the Senior Pastor, he is the spiritual and administrative leader of the church. His responsibilities include the vision, direction, and operation of the church including its affiliated institutions (MLBC, THE MESSAGE OF LOVE RADIO MINISTRY, JESUS FILM MINISTRY,HOPE ORPHANAGE etc. ), as well as its service departments and ministries.


The Board of Elders oversees the spiritual growth and leadership of the church. The Board of Elders exercises veto powers, but not direct managerial control, any ministries directly or indirectly associated with the church. They review all activities and programs of the church to ensure that everything is done to the glory of our Lord and Savior, in the harmony of the Holy Bible, and at the direction of the Holy Spirit.